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Welcome to “The Water Boy UK” website where you can access everything you need to know about water softeners and drinking water for your home. We do not do anything else but water softeners and drinking water systems, and have done for many decades, and that makes us experienced enough to advise you.


Of course there are water softeners on Amazon, and there are drinking systems on Amazon, but what we offer is our experience to offer you the knowledge to get the best product for your home, and show you, it is affordable.


Our website is easy to follow  and everything is transparent.  You do not need to fill in a form to book a survey just to get a price. All pricing is listed by clicking the bundle you want. We are not trying to harvest your data. We just want to help you pick the right choice.


Incidentally, if you do wish to contact us, there is a contact form, our telephone number or the live chat. Get in touch.

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The Water Softener Industry have been over charging for decades and price hiking products. The Water Boy is here now to change that. The Water Boy UK is making products accessible to all classes at affordable prices. A water system will improve your water, and make a difference in your life.



With decades of experience, The Water Boy UK has implemented vast amount of knowledge, to produce high capacity, high efficiency water systems, and water filtration, to provide your home and business the best quality water 



The Water Boy UK is so confident about the reliability of the products, they will warrant the products for a period of 10 years. You can rest knowing that The Water Boy UK are working hard for you to provide the great water you deserve.

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We are not the company that is the best at marketing. We do not spend thousands of pounds a week in Google advertising to get your attention. But we do have more appealing water systems for you to consider. Because we don't have the expense of a huge advertising budget, we can offer you products at affordable prices. Do not confuse the best marketed water systems, with THE best water system products. We have cut out the distributors and gone straight for supply from the UK manufacturers.

We have spent a considerable amount of time, designing and sourcing products which appeal to our ethos and which is important to us. We are so conscious about our environment we have products which are made of recycled materials, that can be reused again and again. We only have one planet, lets protect it NOW!




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